Youthful Exuberance

Youthful Exuberance

Exuberance is an adjective used to describe the state of being overtly energetic, excited, cheerful and expressive about life. It is mostly associated with the youth because of its peculiar relation to their age, strength, potentials and capabilities. Therefore, youthful exuberance refers to that express manifestation of being strong, capable and willing to do better than others, most especially the older generation which is mostly displayed in and by the youths.

Usually, this express manifestation of strength by the youth poses a threat to the older generation because like a movement, it oftentimes prescribes the jettisoning of some ancient landmarks or tradition. In its place, the youth(s) mostly have a proposed replacement to the culture of the elders. And of course, this commonly meets with resistance on the part of the elders.

Strength and youthfulness are not mutually exclusive; therefore, it may be impossible to rule out the possibility of these manifestations. However, it is pertinent to understand that even the currently young people shall grow and will be questioned on what they have perceived and adopted to be a better culture by the succeeding generation.

Should youthful exuberance be curbed?

The correct question ought to be “can youthful exuberance be curbed?” This is because the continuity of the human community as at the present time only depends on reproduction and as long as younger human beings are birthed, there will always be the need to revolutionize the society. However, this revolution must be directed in the right direction. Therefore, it can be opined that youthful zealousness cannot be curbed but it can be managed. A few ways will be mentioned.

The youth must be adequately oriented from the word-start that they are members of the society, in fact, the future of the society.

The conventions behind the societal values must be clearly outlined for the youth so as to avoid them having the opinion that the elders are just following blind conventions. For instance, the reason why chastity is to be encouraged is that there are many psychological and social benefits in chastity and not because the gods will avenge defaulters.

Likewise, the elders must admit that every generation has her peculiarities which define the trend of activities in that generation. The 19th century youth for instance did not have to battle with “social media” distractions but the 21st century youth has that reality staring at him in the face.

Lastly, the strength of the youth needs to be well employed to bring about the changes that the elders may never be able to achieve. Admissibly, the youth is strong and capable of doing many activities that the elders cannot do. So, engaging them appropriately prepares them for the future and enables them to responsibly create the future to the general good of the populace both old and young.

In conclusion, youthful exuberance could be catastrophic if it is not managed but it could also be of great benefit to the current and subsequent generations if it is well managed.

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