Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

In many human communities, the growing girl child always wonders why she is given more restrictions than her male counterparts. In other words, boys are given more freedom than the girls. The concern is a why should this be so?
Freedom is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants; it is the power to determine what to do without restraint. Admissibly, the male children are given lesser restrain or more freedom than the female children for many conventional reasons unknown even to our parents. This freedom versus restrain policy takes effect on many aspect of human existence be it career, religion, education, choice of career just to mention a few. It extends further to the fun activities human beings involve in such as games, and even sexual affairs.

But then, with the nineteenth century ‘feminism movement’ and the intricate part of the debate as the campaign for gender equality in the current century, it is expedient to clarify the place of gender freedom with respect to the young citizens in our community.

With specific relation to the subject matter of love and relationship, boys are given a freer hand to choose what and who they love or want love; how and when they want to love. On the other hand, the girls are monitored, restrained and at times compelled on whom to love, when to love and how to love them. The girl child is even taught to comply with the dictates of her spouse as an expression of her love to him right from the nuclear family she is born into.

This ought not to be so because life is what it is independent of the gender that is involved. Likewise, both the male and the female have a life which they are accountable for independently of other people’s existence. Therefore, individuals should be treated first as human beings who have a life to live and who is accountable for his/her own life. Afterwards, they could be treated in the light of their gender if need be.

Which Way Forward?

It is important to emphasize that the question of human recognition must rise above gender recognition and this must start with each living person irrespective of their gender. In other words, the starting point is for everyone to know that the principle of human dignity and not gender dignity must be ingrained in the minds of people.

With respect to ‘love’ and ‘affairs’, the social construct needs to be redefined and this is to be effected by individuals who constitute the social system. Therefore, every productive love relationship must recognize the place of human dignity. The mind set must be that, you as a person has a dignity to protect and other human beings also have their dignity to protect. This reciprocity will certainly guide the extent of freedom and restrain human beings ought to have irrespective of their gender.

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