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Sex is Beautiful

Sex is Beautiful

Sex is viewed as an excellent thing since you are profoundly connecting with somebody. Sex is a profound enthusiastic connection. The most profound on Earth. Sex is viewed as lovely in light of the fact that amid sex your spirit speaks with that other individual, enabling your body to move in a state of harmony with your partner. Sex is viewed as lovely since it’s the main common movement between two individuals that can animate you physically, emotionally, and profoundly. All the delight … All the emotions … Sex is simply beautiful.

Being an Indian I don’t find it easy to speak on the said topic. We are born and raised in a culture where sex is a shameful topic and considered a mean of reproduction. We are not supposed to discuss it publicly and allowed to experience only when we get married. Boys are a bit spared but girls have to stay virgin till marriage in order to be considered virtuous.

Anyways, I am not advocating premarital sex as this must be a personal choice. What I want to share is years of experience which made me realize that sex is not synonyms to marriage anymore. Life on this planet is extremely beautiful and so is sex. We get a single life on this planet and again there is a stipulated time frame for having sex as this process is purely hormone based and tends to end at certain age.

Sex is a natural phenomenon. Human bodies are amazing architecture of nature. Male and female body perfectly fit and tangle together to succeed the sex process.

Sex reduces stress

An enormous dosage of oxytocin is discharged at the time of climax. Oxytocin kills cortisol, the stress hormone in our body. India has a very low rank worldwide in terms of happiness. Our people are less happy as compared to other parts of the world. Our everyday life is full of stress. It doesn’t matter what we do, be it government jobs, private jobs or business, all the areas are full of competitions and to stay ahead in competition we have to put extra efforts. Our physical and psychic capacities are limited and require us to take rest after certain time. When we put extra labour and there is no time to relax we are easily stressed and cortisol hormone is bombarded in the body. Sex is very useful tool to help fight this stress hormone.

Sex refreshes our mind

As a human being we get attracted by sight. We like to see beautiful sight as it gives good feeling inside.  Female body is just magnificent and given each and everything essential to attract opposite sex. Being stripped is the most defenceless anybody can be and enable somebody to enter your most vulnerable stage and influence you to feel special and the best feeling ever. Sex is a sacred performance. It’s the most beautiful thing god has ever created. It allows two physical bodies to connect and become a single soul to communicate internally. Amid sexual process our body releases Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endorphins, and Testosterone. All these important hormones are feel-good chemicals that make us happy and give us a stress free complete life. You are more powered and concentrated to achieve career goal and lead a successful life.


Reason behind educating doesn’t mean that you start sex to enjoy with just anyone. It’s all about doing it with the right person and right time. One single step can lead your life to hell if you are indulged in such activity with the wrong person.

Don’t get tired of being virgin. Never end up losing your virginity to xyz. Sex is not just a physical process. It’s the deepest connection where your heart and soul is attached. Regardless of whether it’s a one night stand, when that individual isolates from you, a bit of you will stay with them. Protect your virginity for the right person and right time as it will be so special that you will recall each and every detail of it and relish them throughout your life without lament.

There are different stages of life. I want you to simply understand and act accordingly to live this life to its fullness. Nothing should be left from it.

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