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Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy

teenage pregnancy

How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy refers to the situation when a young girl between the age of thirteen (13) and (nineteen) 19 conceives a baby. This is usually a difficult thing to resolve most especially for the pregnant girl and her parents or guardians. This is not to say that the responsible man is not supposed to be concerned but the brunt of this issue is usually more on the lady involved. This is because being a teenager itself, though a pleasant experience entails its own peculiar challenges. The most important being the fact that teen-age is the time of self-discovery and the commencement of dreams actualization. Attached to this are several influences that affect the teens’ interest and desires. At times, pregnancy breaks this flow of life and makes life complicated ab initio. In fact, teenage pregnancy could pose economic, psychological and emotional stress to those involved. It is therefore advisable to plan for pregnancy. Here are few tips on how this kind of stress can be avoided.

Be properly informed: It is funny to know that roughly 90% of teenage pregnancies arise from a desire for adventure. In most cases, the victim (both the young lady and man) did not plan for pregnancy. They were simply all out to enjoy themselves, catch fun and move on with their lives. In such cases, the news of the pregnancy is usually a shock, if not a bad news. Therefore, teenagers should be given proper information about their sexuality. Perhaps you come from a conservative community such as mine where sex is to be spoken of in hushed tone, then trusted and qualified adults should be saddled with the duty of enlightening the teenagers appropriately.

Abstinence: This means ‘to stay away’ from something and in this context, sex. This is about the most perfect way of avoiding pregnancy. If you do not want to get pregnant, then do not have sex in all its forms (virginal, oral, anal). In every other case or preventive measures, you stand a chance of getting pregnant, at least 0.1% probability. Although it requires discipline to starve our sexual urge or hormonal surge but it is possible. All you need to do is resolve on when you want to and with whom you prefer to have sex and stand by your decision.

Contraceptives: For some people, self discipline is a high and difficult mountain to climb. Contraceptives when employed rightly and accurately saves you the headache of unplanned pregnancy. There are different methods such as hormonal methods or barrier methods to which one may need to seek medical counsel to know the best one to adopt.

Natural method: Pregnancy can be avoided also by simply avoiding your pregna-able period. As a lady that menstruates, there is a period in your cycle where are you are most likely to get pregnant. This is your ovulation period. To avoid pregnancy as a teenager, avoid having sex within this period. However, this is also a risky thing to do since most a ladies are apathetic about their cycle and most people do not even know how to calculate all these things.

Be aware that with pregnancy comes responsibility: The truth is, if you are not prepared for pregnancy, it will burden you. There are so many things to know and do as a pregnant woman and lady. If you are not ready for the responsibility involved, then do not dabble into it.

In conclusion, pregnancy announces the arrival of a bundle of joy. Such is worth preparing for.

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