Love Vs Friendship

Love vs Friendship

It is easy to get confused between love and friendship, as they are both so closely associated. As you love your friends, but it does not mean you are in love with them. This can be hard to understand at first, but once you understand the difference you can save your friendship, or take the next step.

Love is a strong emotion, and it can completely consume you. Which is why you feel affection, act kindly, and feel compassion. These things are seen in most relationships where love exists, proving that love is more generic than we think. Meaning there is a difference between loving and caring for a friend, and being in love with someone. To help you understand better we have listed down the two distinct forms of love.

Platonic – This is a deep yet non-romantic form of love, which is seen in two friends. In this equation, there is no sexual element or physical attraction. This type of love is seen among friends, siblings, parents, children, etc.

Romantic – This is much similar to platonic love, but it involves physical attraction and sexual elements. This type of love is seen in partners such as husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, boyfriend and boyfriend, etc.

When you think about a friend, you think of a person you are attached to and feel affection towards. This is someone who is there for you no matter what offers complete support, understanding and much more. However, the same feelings are offered by a partner, which is why it can be confusing at times. So in order to explain it better, we have listed down a list of things friends do for each other.

  • To think about what is best for the other person.
  • To feel empathy and sympathy.
  • Be honest regardless of the consequences.
  • Mutual understanding, and the ability to offer emotional support.
  • Enjoying the other individual’s company.
  • Blind trust in each other.
  • An equal gives and takes relationship.
  • The ability to be your true self.

This is someone you hang out with a group, someone who is easy to talk to and laugh with. Someone who will always have your back, and someone you can completely rely on. However, when you are in love you expect more from the other human, you wish to spend more alone time with them and learn more about them. Suddenly it’s not just about your friend, it about “us” where you and the person you are attracted to is involved. These are the reason why one can easily be confused between love and friendship.

Moreover, the best way to approach the situation is by letting your feeling take time to suttle, so you can think about it with a clear head. As there is no reason why you should ruin your friendship over a simple misunderstanding. Which is why it would be best to work with your feeling and get to understand them better before you lay them out on the next person.

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