Love Vs Caste

Love vs Caste

Love is a funny thing, as you cannot control who you are falling for, or when it happens.  Which is why it is hard to consider things such as cast, or race. However, when you come from a rich culture, it is not easy to cut off ties, as you are backed by a huge family and traditions that have been passed on to the next for generations. So what can you do when you find yourself in love with someone that comes from a different cast? Do you swallow the bitter pill and try to bury your feeling, or do you take the plunge and bet all that you have on the relationship?

These are not questions that can be easily answered, as they ask you to choose between your family and the person you love. To help you get a clear perspective, we have listed down a few reasons why you should marry the man/women of your dreams, or the man/women of your parent’s dreams and here is what we have got.

The Person You Love:

Following your heart can lead you to live a life full of happiness, and love. As you know you have found the love of your life, and can finally build the life you had always dreamed of.You get to choose the person you are getting married to, and know them better than anyone else.The person you have fallen for loves you back and will keep on loving you for years to come.You feel a strong emotional and physical connection with the love of your life. Allowing you to understand each other and get to the perfect result each time.

The Person Your Parents Love:

Love can be a phase, and soon after marriage, it might die out. Which is why an arranged marriage can help you train yourself to love the person your parents have chosen.You get to keep your parents in your life, and no emotional horror show comes down to you.They will pick someone who is better for your future and offers you a stable life.

However, these are not enough to help you get to the final decision. So we have listed down a few questions you need to ask yourself, and when you answer them honestly only then will you be able to answer the question. Will you be marrying for love, or marrying someone from your caste?

  • Are you close to your family? And could you possibly live without them?
  • How long has your relationship lasted, and will it truly last forever?
  • Will this feeling pass in a few months or years? Could you wait to find out?
  • What does your gut feeling tell you to do?
  • On and off paper how compatible are you with the person you love?
  • Do you wish to marry the person out of spite, or is it true love?

These questions might have many answers, but writing them down will help you get a better answer. As once you read through your words, your feeling and emotions will become more clear. And you will be able to make a decision based on rationality.

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