Love vs Career

Love vs Career

Love vs Career is a highly debated topic.Choosing between love and career is a no-brainer for must, but there are others who need a little more time to process all the information given and come to a well-calculated result. This is for those who are not acting rationally and will not regret their decision in a few months or years. Yes, picking between love and career is not easy nor fair, but when it comes down to picking one, you really have to list down the best option for you.

So start by thinking of yourself, and yourself along. What do you want from life? Do you want an outstanding career, and wish to make a change in the world. Or are you more inclined towards keeping love alive, and spreading it around? However, coming to a conclusion is not that easy, and you will need to consider your options.

Love – The first options you have is to choose love, which means your career will take a back seat, but you will be able to create a family and have constant support. However, it also means that money might be tight, as you will spend more time with your family. So if you feel your love and creating memories is more important than building a career and getting all that your heart desires then you can choose love.

Career – Some of us are so career driven that love is not even an option for us, as all we think about is building a career and gaining everything that we have ever desired. This can be fame, respect, or goods. Keeping in mind that you might not have love when you have all that money can buy, which is why you must prefer all that over love. As there will be days when you get lonely, but there is a chance you might find love again.

Compromise – There is a third way, tho it is not for everyone, but it is there. In this situation, you learn to compromise on both love and career. Here you get in touch with your partner and talk about how there are possible solutions to the problem at hand. This might mean you will not have it all either love, or career, but you will have a touch of both in your life. In a way, you will have the best of both worlds, but it will take all that you have to offer.

This is not an easy decision from any standard and can get tough as time passes by. Which is why you need to pick a choice that you can live with for the rest of your life. Only when you are at peace with yourself, will you be able to make a decision that you can live with for the rest of your life. So take out time, and list down all the pros and cons, and understand what life is offering you. This will help you make the perfect decision, one that you can live with for the rest of your life.

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