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Love Hormone

Love Hormone

Oxytocin The Love Hormone

Oxytocin the Love Hormone is also a neurotransmitter involved in breastfeeding and childbirth process. In addition, the hormone is associated with empathy, sexual activity, trust, and relationships. Which is one of the reasons why Oxytocin, is referred to as the love hormone. As when the levels of Oxytocin are high in the human body, it feels as it feels as you are in love. The levels of Oxytocin can rise from anything between a hug or an orgasm. Which is why Oxytocin is also used to help treat anxiety, depression, and other intestinal problems.

Facts About Oxytocin:

Oxytocin is mostly produced by the body when you are having sex, during childbirth, and on other occasions. Its main aim is to help ease your body and help boost your reproductive functions.

Oxytocin is prescribed to help during childbirth and has a huge impact on your psychological, social, and physical behaviour.

Some studies suggest that Oxytocin can help with ADS IBS and other disorders.

What is Oxytocin?

In simple words, Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter that your hypothalamus produces. Which is then transported to your pituitary gland, that is found on the base of the human brain. The hormone usually plays a role in the reproductive system and can be triggered during various actions. When it comes to social behaviors Oxytocin can help with bonding, creating special memories, social functionality, and so much more. Which is why it is known as the love hormone, as your body automatically registers love when Oxytocin is produced.

Oxytocin The Love Hormone:

Back in 2012, there were a number of studies that suggested that people who are beginning a new relationship, have higher levels of Oxytocin in their system; when compared to single or unattached individuals. These levels are noted to stick around for the first six months of the relationship, also known as the honeymoon period.

In addition, sexual activity boosts the release of Oxytocin in your system and can help with a more pleasurable orgasm and erection. However, the theory is not completely proven yet, but it is more likely to happen with women than men. There are numerous studies done on the matter, and each one of them suggests something different.

Oxytocin and Emotions:

When Oxytocin is released into your bloodstream is starts by affecting your lactation and uterus. However, when Oxytocin is released in certain parts of your brain then it impacts your social behavior, cognitive, emotional state, and so much more. These are mostly related to your emotional side and focus on your emotional state.

Moreover, Oxytocin is known as an important neurochemical that is released in your system. However, higher levels of Oxytocin are known to cloud your judgment and make you feel like you are in love. Which is why we should try to keep our emotions in check and learn to control the release of Oxytocin. Allowing stability, and helping us get better answers. This easiest way to control the love hormone is by distancing yourself from the person and think about the relationship rationally.

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