Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency

Adolescent delinquency also refers to juvenile delinquency or juvenile offending. This term refers to the participation of minors (under aged individuals) in illegal behaviors or acts such as drug trafficking, prostitution, murder, robbery and many others. It is not an understatement that in recent times, there is an increase in the involvement of teenagers or adolescents in criminal acts in their variants.

Most Prominent Causes of Adolescent Delinquency and Possible Solutions

Peer Pressure: This is about the most common causal factor of delinquency amidst youths. As social animals, human beings always long to belong somewhere. In a bid to belong, youth find themselves learning and adopting the lifestyles of their contemporaries whether evil or good. So, peer influence stands tall in all the causes of delinquency.

The best way to manage peer pressure is for the youth to identify and associate with associations that have good and well-defined goals.

Family problem: The family is the first association every child finds him or herself. The values of the family constitute the primary pattern of livelihood for the child. So the moral problems, financial problems, social problems a family faces as well as the parenting styles adopted by parents go a long way in determining lifestyle of youths.

In this case, it is important to note that the family is one thing; a person’s life is another. Each individual will reap the consequences of his choices first before the family will. Therefore, an individual must realize that he is responsible for his lifestyle and its consequences. In other words, you must not allow your background to put your back on the ground.

Personal Reasons: Sometimes, the adolescents have their personal experiences that lure them into delinquencies. Such experiences may be independent of families’ or friends’ influences. It could arise from personal social or psychological concerns, physical concerns or drug influence.

The best solution to this is adequate orientation. The youths must be oriented about their roles in the development of the society. The truth about their prospective influence will certainly guide them on what to do and how to do it rightly. Moreover, delinquency brings about personal retrogression in the long run. Therefore, in spite of the individual’s reasons for doing the wrong thing, the consequences of his decisions will bring more evil than good.

Society: In some cases, the society becomes unresponsive to the needs of her citizens such that there is little or no encouragement to do the right thing. For instance, when the social structure encourages malpractices over diligent and hard work, young individuals may be forced to switch to delinquencies in order to make ends meet.

The leviathan owes her citizens the duty of making life easy for them but it must be made clear that the greatest power of societal reformation lies in the hand of the governed. The youth must be conscious of contributing his quota to seeing that the society becomes better. Such a decision must be deliberate and conscious.

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