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Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex

What is Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex is a comparative feeling that you are not as good as others, as beautiful or handsome as others, as intelligent as others, as dynamic as others and the list are countless. However these are not the real cause for being inferior. The root cause of inferiority has nothing to do with reality and totally depends like how you take it.

As a matter of fact, we are all inferior to others in some ways and superior in others. As a human being we all have combination of qualities but naturally we can’t be exactly same. Some person might have very beautiful and black hair whereas other has very white and shiny teeth. Some person might be very good in academic whereas other will be excellent in sports. Some of you may be good in speaking and some will be expert in writing.

Root cause of inferiority complex

I myself had grown up with inferiority complex. I could realize it very early stage of my life. I was in 5th standard when I realized that I could not sing or dance publicly. I had been making excuses and escaping from all those events where singing and dancing were supposed to be performed. Initially I thought that I was not performing because of being shy. What is more interesting to share is, it was not getting over even after escaping from that battle field of singing and dancing. It was hurting even more thinking that I was fugitive. I was not competitive to my peers. It continued for many years until I reached to conclusion.

I was good in academic and got chance to speak on prominent people and I had no issues speaking in front of crowds. I had won accolades and life totally changed after that. Those people who were smart enough in singing and dancing were unable to give speech where I excelled. I realized the mind game. Every person is good at something. I never tried to be other in life. I always enjoy being myself. I know I am the best and no one can replace me.

How to overcome Inferiority Complex

Motivate yourself to trust that you are the best person on the planet, regardless of what any other person says. Keep in mind that you don’t require other individual’s approval in what you are doing in your life. It’s not possible for anyone to down you without your consent. If a person is able to make you feel inferior it means you have no trust in you. If you don’t trust yourself how can you expect somebody else to trust you? Believe me no one is inferior to anyone. Everyone is unique on this planet in its own way so there is no place for being inferior.

MS Dhoni cannot have inferiority complex while batting with Sachin as both the players have their own style to hit the ball.

A housewife cannot have inferiority complex while talking to a working lady as both the ladies are unique in their own ways.

Sit in silence and think about the reason as why you have an inferiority complex. Mark that weakness and start working on that slowly. For example, if you have inferiority complex in talking to fair and beautiful lady. Realise the strength you are blessed with and make the things happen positively. Everyone has its own unique identity so don’t ever try to be like others. Be yourself.

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