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Diet Plan for Teenage Girl

diet plan for teenage girl

Diet Plan for Teenage Girl

Being a girl is a biological opportunity that must be properly managed. This is because bodily development and growth demands are different with respect to gender and age differences. On the other hand, diet is an inclusive pattern of consumption adopted by human beings. A healthy diet plan for teenage girl will result in a healthy body and sound health while a poor diet will have its negative turn on the mental and physical productivity of an individual.

Girls are generally conscious of what they eat because of its effect on their appearance. What a girl eats amongst other factors contribute to what she looks like, what her weight would be, what shape her body will take, how healthy her hair would be and most importantly, how attractive she would turn out to be.

Averagely, a healthy diet plan for active teenage girls should include about 2,200 – 2,400 calories per day and all classes of food such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals for a healthy all round growth must be included.

However, there are some tips that one needs to be aware of when discussing diet plan for teenage girl.

Have a diet plan or food guide. Arbitrary consumption of food does not produce a consciously healthy body. Having a good diet plan ensures the inclusion of all the classes of food in their appropriate proportion. It also solves the problem of what to eat per time. You could consult a nutritionist for guidance with relation to this.

Go for lesser quantity of unhealthy snacks. Ladies habitually consume snacks to keep track of time, keep themselves busy, distract themselves and many other flimsy reasons. This could be unhealthy especially with fries and sugary snacks. To avoid falling victim of this, you may replace your crave for snacks with fruits. That is, eat fruits instead of unhealthy snacks.

Likewise, choose water above sugary drinks. Soft drinks contain calories which you may not be able to burn out. This may end up increasing your potential to grow fat unnecessarily. Then, there are other health implications with too much calories intake.

Know something about cooking. Join your mother or other elderly women in cooking good food. Consult recipes and try out new dishes. This increases your eating zeal and prevents your reliance on junk foods.

If you can, suggest a reduction in the purchase of junky foods into your house. This will help reduce the temptation to formally indulge yourself with junks.

Food is never a therapy for psychological problems. At the face of teenage-related challenges such as bully, inferiority complex, failure and many others, some teenagers withdraw from others and resort to consuming more food items irrespective of their health implication. The common effect of this is obesity.

Be aware of genetic influence. Many ladies are in the chase of a smaller weight. They are many times oblivious of the fact that nature has built some people to be huge and plump. This is because of their genetic origin. Respect this, love yourself and then ensure that you work on how to manage your stature.

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